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Simple Walls sheets are a durable molded cellulose fiber originating from trees. Like almost all materials in the home, Simple Walls sheets expand and contract due to changes in temperature and humidity.  

We recommend you allow this product to acclimate to the space for 24 hours.

Cut to size

Cut To Size

Simple Walls materials are easily cut to size or trimmed to fit with a utilility knife or variety of saws. The knife cutting is similar to cutting through chip board.

Score twice with medium pressure and the sheet will pop as you fold the cut line.

Safety Gear

Safety Precautions

Wear dust mask if dust is created.

Wear eye goggles if dust and chips are produced.

Suggested Tools

Suggested Tools

Utility Knife
Staple Gun
Construction Adhesive/Glue
    Typical Temporary Installation

    Typical Temporary Installation

    Temporary installation of Simple Walls essentially involves stapling without glueing.

    1. Cut to size.
    2. Use level to ensure evenness.
    3. Staple to wall. 

      Removal is as simple as removing the staples.


      Typical Permanent Installation

      Permanent installation of Simple Walls includes glueing, with temporary stapling.

      1. Cut to size.
      2. Use level to ensure evenness.
      3. Apply construction adhesive to flat planes and where panels join together.
      4. Staple to wall. 
      5. Remove staples after adhesive has dried. 
      Typical Cornering Methods

      Typical Cornering Methods

      Standard cornering method: 

      1. Cut each piece at a 45 degree angle.
      2. Staple and glue (for permanent installation) corners to wall.

        Optional Methods:

        a) Add material under bricks at corners for strength.
        b) Cut away material in the back and score the front.