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Simple Walls

Snow Day LA - backordered


One of our newest colors, Snow Day LA is the first in our new premium line of Wall Skins. Each Snow Day LA sheet is finished in a three-stage process. We start by painting each sheet prior to the printing process. The second step, the sheet is digitally printed on a UV printer. For the final stage we bring in a scenic artist to touch up each sheet by hand for a beautifully finished product.

All of our dimensional faux brick panels are made from 100% recycled cardboard, newsprint and wood chips.  They are designed for indoor use only as a decorative finish on your wall.  They can be glued up / stapled or screwed to your wall.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: For orders outside the Continental U.S. (including Canada), please call Customer Service at (888) 817-4675 or email


Trying to decide which color to get? You can get up to 8 samples ($10/each) for a total of $2 shipping. (Contact us by email if you want more than 8 samples.)


Height: 26.25 inches
Width - with finger joints: 43 inches
Width - without finger joints: 38.864 inches


In order to figure out how many panels you need:

  1. Measure the wall space you want to cover in inches.
  2. Divide the wall HEIGHT (in inches) by 26.25 (inches).
  3. Divide the wall WIDTH (in inches) by 40 (inches).
  4. Multiply those two numbers. This is the number of panels you will need.